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Tennis Racket and Ball


In the spring of 2010, Huntsville native Alex Rafiee joined together with local tennis pro, Eddie Jacques to purchase HAC (Huntsville Athletic Club), with the goal of renovating and creating the premier private club in the state of Alabama. After much debate, they decided to change the club name to Athletic Club Alabama. Both Alex and Eddie have a history at the club. They both played junior tennis at the facility and have spent large portions of their tennis lives inside the club.

For these men, Athletic Club Alabama represents the future of tennis in Huntsville. It represents a staple in the city’s history. It represents the community as a whole.

They see Athletic Club Alabama as an opportunity to make a mark on Huntsville. To create something lasting; to rejuvenate an aging club that needed a face-lift, to promote tennis in Huntsville, and to inspire new players and new talent to take up the game that they love so much.

It’s a shared dream to create an elite club that meets the needs of the community while promoting the game of tennis and advocating for overall healthy lifestyles.

To make that dream a reality, they have spent the last few years renovating the old HAC location. They have brought in new trainers, new coaches, and even a new chef. Athletic Club Alabama has been renewed. And now all of their hard work is ready for you to enjoy.

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