ACA takes the cake in Montgomery tournament

Several members of the Club won big this past weekend at the tournament held in Montgomery!  Congratulations to the following members who won or placed in their respective divisions:

Alee Clayton, Winner in Girls 18 Singles

Sydney Flesch, 3rd Place in Girls 18 Singles

Nicole Reilly, 3rd Place in Girls 16 Singles

Grace Forbes, 2nd Place in Girls 16 Singles

Parrish Simmons, 2nd Place in Boys 16 Singles

Nick Heng, Winner in Boys 14 Singles

Martin Vasquez, 5th Place in Boys 14 Singles

Alana Boyce, Winner in Girls 12 Singles

Eli Young, 2nd Place in Boys 10 & Under – Orange Ball

Holly Young, 3rd Place in Girls 10 & Under – Orange Ball

Mazie Macgrotty, 4th Place in Girls 10 & Under – Orange Ball

Debbie Weaver, Kim Mims, Leigh Anne Luther, Linda Lindberg, Nurten Davis, Molly McCrory, Jackie Campbell, Ashley Fiore – 2017 State Champion Adult 40 & Over – Women 4.0

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