Another successful year for our annual Jack Frost Tournament!

Described by several members as “the best tournament ever,” the Club hosted another successful Jack Frost event on January 19 ending with a huge players party on January 28.  The Club opted for a non-traditional styled tournament this year by splitting it up between two weekends to allow members and guests to compete in more divisions.  “Dividing the tournament into separate weekends allows players to participate in more than one event without having to clear their schedules for a seven day period (to play scheduled matches),” said Eddie Jacques.  The Club also took the opportunity to debut a new lunch menu and chose to serve breakfast during the weekends of the tournament.  The winners of the tournament were as follows:


6.0          Jared Nixon and Cristy Presson

7.0          Juan Boulton and Laurie Creager

8.0          Greg Trammel and Emily Adams

9.0          Abbas Giha and Kimberly Chandler

Open     Alee Clayton and Craig Herr



3.0          Robert Curtis and Raja Ekambaram

3.5          Lance Watson and Austen Young

4.0          Juan Boulton and Blake Hutchinson

4.5          Zac Brown and Jason Hendrix

Open     John Hall and Chris Shearburn



3.0          Jennifer Crowe and Michelle Jones

3.5          Kristy Palmer and Christy Russell

4.0          Barbara Stevens and Rhonda Wagner

4.5          Cecilia McCracken and Sybil Shearburn


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